To the Madison Metro Chapter Past Presidents . . .

We extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for being our legacy.
You explain what has happened before and why; mentor and create new leadership;
encourage and enrich us; and guide us into the future
ith the strength and wisdom that only experience can provide.

- 2004 President
Sara Anderson

2005 President

Carolyn Bryant

2006 President
Jennifer Utter

2007 President
Jan Byrne

2008 President
Jenny Bunbury-Johnson

2009 President
Chariti Gent

2010 President
Megan Roth-Markham


2011 President
 Sheri White

2012 President
Vivian Schmelzer


2013 President
Carrie Weaver

2014 President

    Amy Roehl       

2015 President
Cari Fuss

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